Educational Details

Q1. What are the main objectives for a new Golden Speaker Toastmaster member?

Although you are completely self-paced in Toastmasters, new members are strongly encouraged to be diligent and consistent in their first several months. As such, the recommended objectives would be: #1. To attend every meeting you can and participate to the fullest. #2. Work with your mentor to complete the first three speeches outlined in the ‘Competent Communication’ manual.

Q2. What does CC stand for?

CC stands for “Competent Communicator” – a designation given once a member has completed a series of 10 skill-building speeches that are outlined in the “Competent Communication” manual. It is recommended that new members strive to accomplish this goal, which is recognized by Toastmasters with a certification, within their first 6 – 12 months.

Q3. Do I have to give all the speeches at Toastmasters club meetings?

No. So long as you are giving the speech to an audience with at least one Toastmasters member in attendance, and so long as a fellow Toastmaster completes the manual evaluation for that project, you may count that speech toward a CC.

Q4. Do I have to work through the CC manual in the order the projects are given?

No. You can do the projects out of order if you like. It is recommended that you follow the order given since the projects progress upwards in difficulty but if you have a speech idea or opportunity that better suits one of the later projects you may skip over earlier ones and do that one first.

Q5. What happens when I become a CC?

Upon completing the objectives required for CC, the club’s Vice President of Education will submit your application to World Headquarters. Your accomplishment will be recognized with a certificate, and you will receive two additional manuals that are required to complete the next communication objective – “Advanced Communicator – Bronze”.

Q6. What is a DTM?

DTM stands for ‘Distinguished Toastmaster’, which is the most prestigious title within Toastmasters. Achieving this goal is accomplished by completing the ‘Communication Track’ and the ‘Leadership Track’ of the educational program, which may be done concurrently.